“I am very grateful to have discovered a career, which also fits my passion.”

During the fall of 1992, Dr. Bonnie Bass extended an introduction for me to meet her brother, Mr. Bruce Hubby, Founder and President of PDP.

Through this early stage of relationship I was unable to grasp the complexity of this fascinating behavioral technology, which would one day become my life’s calling.

From an early age I had been wondering how to connect the dots to learn the answer to the question, “why I do, what I do and others do what they do?” Today, with practically a lifetime of experience I’ve discovered fresh applications with a desire to empower anyone with similar desires, concerns and aspirations.

Looking back, Bruce Hubby’s influence not only enriched my life as a friend and mentor, but also by creating a technology fitting my God-given DNA with the fulfillment to match my passion.

This site represents a core introduction to Don Crosby, hopefully to give you confidence in my many years of experience, my friendship with the inventor, and my heart for serving others.

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“Let me introduce you to yourself”

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