Each business that has employees experience comparable challenges related to the behaviors of every individual person.

As business people understand that our workforces are different, however, we miss the fact that most managers have no clue where to begin to start unraveling the pressures of trying to manage or lead challenging people.

The end result of not trying anything to fix these conditions holds victim employees hostage contributing to a lack of trust, struggling morale and poor satisfaction and unwanted employee turnover.

With twenty-five years of experience, radio host and Founder/CEO of Global Behavior Companies contact Don to receive a complimentary one-hour strategy session and demonstration of possible solutions.

  • Learn how to improve communications
  • Reduce employee and board member conflicts
  • Reduce frustrations and improve morale
  • Create a standardized hiring system
  • Increase Employee Performance
  • Measure the behaviors of the workforce for strategic management
  • Create a culture that blends an aging workforce with the younger generations

If you are interested in my assistance for your business, please visit www.GlobalbBehavior.com or you can contact me directly at don@GlobalBehavior.com.

Thank you,

I’ve experienced many behavioral inventories and similar services… but Don Crosby’s expertise and technology are superior to what I’ve experienced before. I highly recommend Don.

Kevin Pitts, President & Publisher, Charlotte Business Journal

I was the HR manager for a high profile credit union when I first started working with Don through the pre-hire process of creating job model criteria and measuring applicants by their individual behavior. Don’s contribution of training, consultation and service benefited everyone in our company. Don is a creative and original thinker. He has an innate intelligence, great curiosity about people and ideas, and plenty of common sense that he has applied to solving many problems for businesses.

Don has an amazing way of getting to the “heart” of a relationship between individuals and really flattening the learning curve on getting to know someone. I found his skill to be a valuable tool when performing team building activities and helping others gains a better understanding of their co-workers.

With an undergraduate degree in psychology, I’m familiar with things like MB and DISC, but I have to tell you the ProScan solution that Don offers through Global Behavior is an amazing tool that quickly gets to the heart of what makes a person “tick”. This information can then be used for hiring, training, strategic planning or any other organizational effort where the interaction between two or more individuals is critical to success.

I suggest if you are curious as to just how effective this tool can be, you contact Don and I suspect if you ask nice he’ll be happy to run a complimentary scan and “introduce you to yourself”… it’s a real eye-opener!

Terry M. – Los Angels, CA

Don is an excellent consultant and prime example of a servant leader. His emphasis on putting the customer/client first, mastery of his materials and enriching the interactions with his clients leads me to recommend Don without reservation.

Russell H. – Los Angeles, CA

Don Crosby is a true professional in his field with the highest integrity. I have worked with him in the past and then hired his company to work on various projects for my clients. Every client of mine that has worked with him was impressed and could not contain their praises. Don puts everything he has in his work and delivers a far greater value for his services than expected. I would recommend him over and over to any business that is looking for help to manage and optimize their work force.

Jack W. – Seattle, WA