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This is why we’ve created our membership forum to provide a safe community for you to confidentially discuss your inter-feelings.

Personal Discovery

$27 monthly membership (7 Day FREE Trial)
  • 3 Educational Bonus Videos – How to Read & Use Your MyProScan Report
  • Facebook Membership Forum Community
  • Monthly webinar
  • Membership exclusives*
  • Don’s new book, The Why You Do (kindle version)

Relationship Pro

+ $37 monthly membership
  • Save $$ and qualify for monthly webinar quest privileges
  • Understanding Natural Strengths online course
  • Certification for online course
  • One Hour personal consultation
  • 2 ProScan Assessments
  • 1 Side-By-Side Report a description comparing two people’s natural behavior
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  • 2 Easy Payments Option (2 x $275)

Mentor Coaching

+ $47 monthly membership
  • Save $$ and qualify for monthly webinar quest privileges
  • Mentor Certification online course
  • Workbook
  • Certification
  • Three hours of professional consultation
  • 4 ProScan Assessments
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  • 3 Easy Payments Option (3 x $549)

*Membership Exclusives

  • Individual One-On-One Sessions
  • Couple Sessions

  • Your Family Session
  • The Success In You

  • Substantial discounts on additional MyProScan assessments