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Accomplishing Exceptional Personal and Relational Growth.

If you have the desire to learn more about yourself for personal development and improving those critical relationships then this membership is a no brainer.

Your membership will be helpful for career choices – dating – preparing for long-term commitments – inspiring marriages – improving the family dynamics… are just a few reasons why you need to be involved in your membership community.

To understand the journey of success is to appreciate the process involved! This is why we’ve created our membership forum to provide a safe community for you to confidentially discuss your inter-feelings.

This admission is created for an impressive personal discovery experience so together we can fulfill the ultimate development process.

Personal Discovery Membership

FREE 7 Day Trial (optional $27/mo after trial ends)

Membership Discounts

  • ProScan Assessment
  • Personal Consultation Access (includes)
  • Stress Adjustments
  • Individual One-On-One Sessions
  • Decision Making Style
  • Couple Sessions
  • Your Family Session
  • The Success In You
  • Understanding Natural Strengths Online Course

Additional Membership Features

  • 3 MyProScan Educational Bonus Videos
  • Facebook Membership Forum Community
  • Get Individual Answers To Your Questions
  • Monthly Consultation Webinars
  • A Kindle copy of Don’s new book, The Why You Do

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Ten Important Facts

  1. Most people do not know why they do what they do.
  2. Most people are afraid to learn about themselves and/or their family for fear of what they may discover.
  3. Too many families have estranged relationships.
  4. 50% of all marriages in America end in divorce, i.e. Americans for Divorce Reform.
  5. Depression, suicides and student bullying continue to rise as adults continue to reach for hope and search for break through.
  6. Unemployment and/or low wages are popular causes for more people socially melting who are emotionally bankrupt with poor self-esteem.
  7. Children more than ever are reacting out in violence for attention.
  8. The national student drop out rate is 45% and rising, parents and our educational system needs to accurately understand our children and their learning styles of behavior.
  9. Juvenile detention and prison populations are rising due to the failure of the socially disturbed family structure.
  10. You need to honestly understand yourself, and everyone in your family and company to improve relationships and the quality of life, because life is too short not to operate with wisdom.

Hear what our clients say...

The excellent relationship with my family is priceless, which motivates me to offer this to you.

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