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NEW Sound Behavior Podcast!

The SOUND BEHAVIOR STORY... a journey from live radio.

The Sound Behavior format began as a one-hour live show every Saturday in Detroit, Michigan on WLQV AM/FM and progressed into national syndication on Sirius/XM within just a few years.

As the guest and listenership communities grew, so did the requests for books and program applications.

After seven years of his weekly shows Don, took a sabbatical from this passion to author his first book and develop his new membership community.

Now, with a society of high speed Internet and personal computing devices, it’s an appropriate time to resume Sound Behavior as a 30-minute weekly podcast.

If you enjoyed Sound Behavior radio, you’ll love this bright new Podcast adventure of introducing people to themselves so you can learn more about – The Why You Do!

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Don’s flagship label of “Sound Behavior” did not come about by accident. It exemplifies exactly how Don is himself. His judgment, business dealings, acumen, and self-confidence, all resonate as exuded by his own personal sound behavior. I applaud him on or off air with enthusiasm.

Roger O. – Denver, CO

Don Crosby is more than just a clinical behavioral analyst; he’s a compassionate humanist. He’s a warm, caring individual who not only has the capability to “read” his subject (and get him/her to better understand the “self”), he further seeks to understand and relate to that person as well. Whether it’s through his corporate group programs or one on one with his lively radio show, Don develops instant rapport. And that’s a rare commodity, either professionally or socially. It’s easy to recommend Don Crosby. He’s is the one whom, after you’ve met, you walk away saying, “what a great guy...

Ed P. – Washington, DC