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Here are a few samples.

  1. Becoming aged should be celebrated as an expression of maturity, rather than arriving upon an unpleasant destination. #B_Locksmith, published   4/21/14
  2. Life is not suppose to be easy, train w/courage to fight 12 rounds so you are not surprised when you hear the 11thbell. #B_Locksmith, published 4/11/4
  3. Good times and fond memories are not replaced with time, but accumulated by new experiences. B_Locksmith, published 4/7/2014
  4. Time is our most precious commodity; so don’t trade it for something you’ll regret… #B_Locksmith, published 4/16/14
  5. Building a great team is identifying the sync of individual trust, to trust someone is the honor for a more meaningful purpose. #B_Locksmith, published 3/17.14

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    1. Hi Linda, Did I ever follow-up from your request for me to call you? I’ve connected with several of Jack’s friends and just didn’t want to let you down. Thank you

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