Another fine experience with more fine people!

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Just recently I received an email introduction from a new friend in New York City of his referral in Plano, Texas. We connected on the phone and it was like talking to an old friend… and then… it just happened that in-between our emails and phone calls a project developed in Dallas, Texas… This is … Continued

Introducing The Why You Do to an exceptional group of talent

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Just before Christmas I was honored to assist Ms. Angel Morgan, the Director of Business Development for the BDO Charlotte, NC office. The project was simply two-hours in a casual setting, after hours with a group of about thirty young upcoming accounting and law professionals. My topic was introducing the importance of learning, understanding and … Continued

Your Free Book… The Why You Do

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Dear New Member: During the early stage of writing I distinctly remember if my book could change just one person’s life then all of the hours and discipline have been fulfilled. Then it happened, honestly I couldn’t believe my eyes, my book on the shelf of Barnes & Noble Books displayed prominently above others in … Continued