A few weeks ago I was meeting with a couple who have been married for 35 years and the wife confessed that she feels their relationship is empty!

Have you ever wondered why it seems that your spouse fails to understand you…? Hi this is Don Crosby with your Sound Behavior Minute.

And, whether you’ve been married for 35 years or you just said I DO…the issues of miss communications in your relationship are seriously predictable.

What came from my conversation with Becky and Bob was interesting… Becky confessed “I still love my husband… but I don’t like him”.

Bob was stunned because he didn’t know it was that serious, apparently she was good at masking her true feelings into their children.

Their turning point was when I compared their communication styles with their natural behaviors.

Now, they are working together at recovering their original spark back into their relationship.

Thank you for listening to Sound Behavior…

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