Relationships are naturally complicated which suggest the importance of have aspiring students of behavior, but remember even apprentices need the right tools.

Since the beginning of time when man first started crafting lifestyle conveniences, the chisel and hammer came before the wheel…

Naturally we understand that many daily activities require the proper tools…

  • It’s hard to replace a flat tire without a wrench and jack.
  • You shouldn’t try tightening a screw with a hammer.
  • Nor attempt to remodel your kitchen with a chain saw.
  • These examples remind us that the RIGHT tools are necessary for perfection.

Most of us understand the importance of having the proper tools to repair and build things, but when it comes to using tools to understand family, co-workers or ourselves the idea seems to be spoken in a foreign language.

During this podcast my friend Josh from Charlotte, NC and I discuss how his training and the ProScan measurement tool has impacted his life.

Personally… I hope you enjoy this episode… thanks again!

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