Don Crosby Introducing David & Jason Benham to Themselves!

This week’s Sound Behavior Radio Show broke the weekly format by having our guest(s) actually join us in the beautiful recording studio of 91.9, here in Charlotte, NC. Typically our guests call in from other states or sometimes other counties. This week we are grateful for David and Jason Benham who graced our show by allowing me to introduce them and to each other on Sound Behavior national syndicated radio.

David and Jason are identical twins, David the oldest by 2-minutes are well accomplished athletes, business owners, entrepreneur’s and on fire for sharing the gospel and love of Jesus Christ to the world.

The take away for Jason and David after 37 years of knowing each other so closely, as David puts it,  “from the womb to boardroom” is they now have documentation to provide each other their behavioral differences, and clearly present their similarities. Praise God for their design and calling upon their lives as they have an excellent behavioral combination to be working together both in business and ministry. Godly design, Psalm 133:1  Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity.

These two men will bless you with their passion and their story, start now by listening to the first show by clicking onto the archive shows.

Check these out! – The Benham brothers

Sound Behavior, helping you to understand “The Why You Do, What You Do”!

Thank you for listening.

Don Crosby

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