Sound Behavior is back on the air broadcasting as a 30-minute podcast replacing our weekly one-hour radio show.

As the production and design components were being checked off my list the only missing ingredient of launching the new project was guest interviews.

Then while on a consulting project in Tallulah, Louisiana one of the women attendees one of my morning classes mentioned I needed to connect with her son Ben in Nashville, TN… and when I mentioned the start of my podcast… she said oh ya!

But what makes this referral story so interesting… is this session was in the Madison Correctional Center where I was working with men and women inmates who are getting prepared for release from prison into society.

She wrote Ben’s information on a post-em note, handed it to me and a week later he and I connected for him to be my guest first on Sound Behavior.

Ben is a very gifted young man with both a beautiful voice and an amazing story, you must listen to this first episode and go to his website to learn more about Ben and his journey.

Hopefully you’ll be an important participant of our journey by listening, sharing with your friends, family and/or maybe even becoming a guest.

Thank you for your interest in our Sound Behavior Podcast.

Until next time,


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