The “Beyond Our Love” event is a powerful experience for any couple hoping to solidify a more successful relationship.

Sadly, there is a large population of couples who just live in the daily rut of routine, desiring a stress less romantic relationship, but have no clue of where or how to begin, so they don’t do anything to proactively succeed.

They work with more intent at golf and their non-profit commitments than on their own marriage.

So with the non-confrontation silence approach, everyday is ground hog day until something breaks, someone gets hurt or life-altering change takes hold of the gripping reality.

Maybe you know of someone who needs a deposit of fresh wind in their relationship sail to take them to a more happy and successful destination?

Witnessing the transformation of someone’s relationship is almost as beautiful as the birth of a newborn child.

Coming soon at World Worship Church, Charlotte, North Carolina or drop us a line with bringing Beyond Our Love to your community.

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