One of my finest career experiences has been working with Wesley McConnell and the exceptional staff of the LaSalle Correctional Management Company.

One of their eleven correctional facilities is the Madison Correctional Center located the small town of Tallulah, Louisiana. My participation has been assisting and working with Ms. April Baur, the Re-Entry Program Director with training staff and assessing, teaching and working with prison inmates to uncover and introduce their personal behaviors.

The results have been and continue to be remarkable; culturally life changing substance which is outlined in my next book, Imprisoned, the culture within our society. How does one measure the value of priceless?

This life changing continuation of working with Ms. April is located close to the heart along with about four hundred comments and letters from inmates expressing the value and meaning of our time together.
The hero’s here are the workers of the prison industry who see the need to make a difference, then commit their lives to go the extra mile attempting to deposit Godly care into in these broken lives…

My appreciation also includes… how the inmates and prison staff have extended the professional courtesy eagerly, with the curiosity to LEARN about… “The Why You Do”.

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