Left Marc Carter, President HFMA Tennessee Chapter President, Center, Inky Johnson

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to be one of the key speakers for HFMA, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Washington, DC Chapter who hosted their annual conference in Gatlinburg, TN. The last day of the conference began with an open invitation to an optional prayer breakfast. I didn’t have any expectations, but our speaker was a young man by the name of Inky Johnson who shared a passionate story of overcoming adversity. Listening to his story and hearing the tone of his voice touched my heart and I knew without the shadow of any doubt that the Lord had brought us together. As an accomplished athletic he was afflicted during a routine tackle that has left his right arm paralyzed  with other complications. To learn of his entire story go to www.InkyJohnson.com.

Inky accepted my invitation to be a guest on my radio show, and so this is both an announcement and invitation for you to listen to how we connected as he received confirmation of his natural behaviors. Please  let Inky and I know how you enjoyed the interview and pass it on to your friends and family.

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