During the completion of one of my sessions with a group of inmates at the Madison Correctional Center an inmate sitting in the last row of the class raised his hand with a question.

“He said Mr. Don… are you the guy who wrote the book with the red cover, something about The Why…?”
In that instance I was forgetting about the books that I had donated for the men and women’s library, so taken off guard I was emotionally stunned and said yes… but why?

“He said I signed out your book from the library with the intention of reading a few pages before going to sleep. I started reading and couldn’t put it down, after reading sixty-eight pages I finished the book the next day.

I wish I could have had this insight when I was younger before my troubled behavior started, just maybe it could have changed my life, but now I’ve learned that it’s not too late, even for a guy like me.”

–Jason – Madison Correctional Center

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